TIPS Personal Integrity Agreement

This Personal Integrity Agreement ("Agreement") is made and effective as of the Day   Month   Year

by and between Tips Talent Management Services, Inc., a non-profit corporation having

offices at 703 Hamilton Street, NW, Suite # BH, Washington, DC 20011 (hereinafter referred to as "Tips") and Please Print First & Last Name  (hereinafter referred to as the "Talent").

WHEREAS in exchange for a fee, Tips will seek to place Talent into various work assignments within the Film, Radio and Television industries; and

WHEREAS the Talent acknowledges that in the business of acting, the Talent's Personal Integrity is of the utmost importance and will ultimately have a bearing on whether he or she receives assignments (or additional assignments) from Tips Management.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and representations set forth below, Tips and the Talent agree as follows:

1. SCOPE OF TIPS' MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Once you are registered, and during the length of our membership our services include but are not limited to, online consultation, casting, script, and sports notices. In addition, we specialize in monologue preparation and presentations. These services become available once you have agreed upon this Personal Integrity Agreement.

2. FEE: The Agency shall receive, from the Talent, a ten percent (10) fee from the Talent's salary for all non-union Management employment placements. For all union Management placed assignments, Talent agrees to pay Tips a twenty percent (20) fee of Talent's employment salary which is sometimes provided by the union Client.


a. You agree to attend all interviews ALONE unless you are under the age eighteen (1B); in which case you need a parent or guardian to accompany you. You further agree not to take a friend or relative with you to the interview and must conduct your interview only during normal business hours (depends on script shoot). However, if handicap assistance is needed, ONLY an assigned relative, friend or guardian can accompany you on the interview or work assignment.

b. You agree to provide Tips' and the Tips' Clients with verifiable identifications such as a passport, driver's license, school identification or birth certificate. You will need two (2) forms of ID unless you use a passport. All IDs will be kept on file with Tips.

c. You agree to not have affairs with Tips' Clients.

d. You agree to seek to arrive early for Tips' assignments and minimally not be late.

e. You agree to be attentive at work and to put forth your best efforts so that Tips' Clients will be pleased with the outcome of your work performance that would make their project a success. If they ask you to do that same shoot scene ten (10) times, we expect you to do it with your best effort each time.

f. You agree to not participate in any other assignment with Tips' Clients unless assignment is placed through Tips.

g. You agree that you are not a convicted felon. No weapons, at any time, shall be permitted on Tips' nor the Client premises which also includes the place of the film or model shoot.

h. You agree to take a Monologue and Voice-Over class and have headshots readily available. ALL Clients expect this.

i. It is imperative that this Agreement includes the understanding that NO talent has the privilege to SUE neither Tips Talent Management, Inc., NOR any Client pertaining to work; however, if there is a disagreement it is clear that the three parties (Tips, Client and Talent) come to a suitable agreement without any complete fall-out

j. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to this subject matter.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement on the date first set forth above.


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Signed by Odessa Bolton
Signed On: October 9, 2020

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