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Membership Benefits and Requirements


• Access to Casting Notices

• Access to Script(s)

• Access to Interviews

• Materials the Client Needs from You

• Exposure to Clients

• Exposure to Unions

Requirements for Talent Representation:

• Must be Listed in TIPS Online Book with up-to-date headshot and résumé

• Personal Integrity Agreement must be signed (see #4 below)

• Preparatory Materials

• Registration —


There are a few simple steps for representation:

1. Consultation, provided within our website

2. Take the TIPS Test and pass, click here to take the test now.

3. Complete and submit your teleprompter video to be approved by TIPS. Use this link to download a free teleprompter app or use your own. Record your video and upload to your own youtube or vimeo account and email TIPS the link to be approved. Your approved video will be made viewable to TIPS clients via TIPS video account. Use these Free Monologues for your Teleprompter Video:

NOTE - SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS: blind and def talents are exempt from step 2 &3 for joining

4. Personal Integrity Agreement must be signed:

Click Here to Sign Online, Or Click Here to Download and Sign

5. Registration Bi-Yearly $99 (non-refundable) in person or by mail. Online Registration click here

Keep in mind, we represent Seniors too!


We have been professionally involved in film, television and movie projects for over 20 years

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